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Oil Painting Titled: ‘‘Synapse’

Artwork Expression The artist is expressing the idea that humans are interconnected with the world around them. They mention various ways in which this connection exists, such as through the physical bond between a mother and child, the shared air we breathe, and the collective intelligence of humanity. The artist emphasizes the power of collective collaboration, comparing it to the functioning of individual neurons in the brain. They believe that by choosing effective means of communication, humans can achieve remarkable feats together.

Painting by Ameer Alkaby | Titled “Ghost”

Artwork Meaning This drawing, created on white paper, is part of a silent art project related to a mental health course. The artist named me "Amir's Drawing" and initially considered calling me "Lost." However, he decided on the title "Ghosts" to represent negative ideas and demonstrate their destructive nature. The drawing portrays a girl with a cloth covering her face, symbolizing how negative thoughts can blind and distract the mind, leading to irrational decisions. The artist emphasizes that negative thoughts are deceptive and thought-provoking but ultimately harmful. The horns above the girl's head symbolize strength and resilience in the face of these negative influences. The balloon in the drawing represents the attempts to break free from the grip of negative thoughts. The message conveyed is to persevere, turn to a higher power, and not let negative thoughts control one's mind and thinking, especially in challenging situations.

Painting by Ameer Alkaby | Titled “The Lung Of The World”

Artwork Meaning This drawing depicts a large tree in the autumn season, symbolizing its hibernation and deep sleep. It is protected by two giants, signifying our responsibility to safeguard nature. A small meditating deer waits for the tree's awakening, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living beings. The artwork highlights the importance of trees as the lungs of the world and urges us to protect them. It serves as a reminder to cherish nature's blessings and maintain a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Painting by Jack Caldow – Titled: “Synergy”

Artwork Meaning The artwork conveys the idea that when we connect and engage with other people on a deep level, we bring life and energy to the universe. This connection sparks emotions such as passion, love, curiosity, and creativity. Without these connections, the universe would seem empty and devoid of meaning. The artist expresses gratitude for the brief but significant existence they have in this interconnected web of consciousness.