5 Reasons Why Art Is Valuable and Priceless

5 Reasons Why Art Is Valuable and Priceless

Both unity and division may be seen in art. It may be found everywhere, including opulent galleries, private homes, and building facades. Art enthusiasts argue over the definition of art and what constitutes “real” art. The majority of art defies easy explanation. Art important, that much is obvious. Here are five justifications for why it is valuable.

Art is beneficial to mental health

Numerous research have shown that making art reduces symptoms of anxiety and despair. A person’s level of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, drops when they are creating art. This explains why art therapy is frequently so effective when used in conjunction with conventional talk therapy or medicines. A person may convey their sentiments and emotions via art in a manner that words cannot.

Art boosts productivity

Whether you work from home or in an office, art can help you be more productive. According to a research conducted by a professor at UMass Amherst, workers who had photographs at their workspaces were 17% more productive. According to other studies, employees accomplish jobs 15% faster than persons who merely have the minimal necessities.

Art by Kenneth Chibuikem John - What We See

Art is a kind of universal language for communication.

This world is incredibly divided. Communication is difficult due to language limitations. One of the few kinds of communication that is universal is art. People don’t need to speak the same language to feel emotionally linked, whether they are taking in a piece of music or art. Sharing this experience with others makes the world a friendlier, more compassionate place.

Empathy is the capacity to feel what another person or object feels. Can art increase empathy in people? There is evidence to support this. The first Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts was founded at the Minneapolis Institute of Art a few years ago. Their objective is to learn how to use the visual arts to promote empathy. While we don’t yet fully understand if or how art triggers empathy, there is a strong enough correlation to warrant more research.

Art is valuable, In a professional situation or workplace

Art has an influence outside of museums and galleries. According to research, artwork raises staff morale in an office environment. 94% of those polled in one research felt that art improved their workstation. According to 84% of respondents, the presence of art demonstrates a company’s concern for the welfare of its employees. Art is crucial in spaces where customers congregate because it promotes the brand and creates an emotional atmosphere.

Artwork in the office Place
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