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Informative Visual Art Piece By Adewole Tobi – Unity for Rejuvenation

Visual Artwork

Oluwatobi Isaac Adewole, Popularly know as “Isaacart_ao” on Instagram created a very informative article reflecting his Artwork. This is therefore one of the most informative piece from a Nigeria Visual Artist.

From a creative state, The Artist merge Art and Science which was indeed very educative and inspiring in the sense of making our planet a better place to live.

Artwork Interpretation

The first feature of this piece is the earth’s spherical form, which demonstrates that variables contributing to the environment exist both outside and within the primary parts of the earth crust (biosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere). These natural phenomena are both biotic and abiotic organs that contribute to the overall operation of the ecosystem. It also impacts the environment naturally by referring to the earth’s rotation, which causes a turn on the surface to face the sun, making it warm, and allowing the sun to effect the earth. It is critical for all life on Earth, including plants, to be able to photosynthesize.

The artwork also depicts an eye, which represents the existence of life and therefore is positioned at the center of the cosmos depiction as a sign of psychic vision, consciousness, and enlightenment, which is best known to humans as a sensory perception. Because it influences the human ability to picture among other things the good, negative, physical knowledge, and what is to be safeguarded beforehand surrounding the functional body of the vast circle, the Eye has a smooth entrance into the soul (universe). 

The butterfly represents an organism’s capacity to move and live its existence to the fullest, and it is also a sign of rebirth. Below, we have hands representing the act of human togetherness and help in providing full support to enhance nature, which is good to the economy. We have resources depicting what should be done with waste materials after usage in order to decrease the crises of water, land, and air pollution below the hands. Along with regulating human operations such as mining, extraction, and raw material processing, which significantly affects the environment. The symbol of recycling in the work emphasis the ability to save energy to be shared among elements of the ecosystem at  large.

These environmental issues are extremely concerning since planet Earth is the only place where humanity and other wonderful things can live. There is more we can do to prevent the emergence of some environmental risks caused by human activities, such as the steady loss of the ozone layer. This must be managed in order to limit its destructive impact on the earth’s basic components, particularly the atmosphere.

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Adewole oluwatobi I
Adewole oluwatobi I
2 years ago

I really value and appreciate your take on my artwork. Thank you, God bless you.