5 Reasons Why Art Is Valuable and Priceless

5 Reasons Why Art Is Valuable and Priceless

Both unity and division may be seen in art. It may be found everywhere, including opulent galleries, private homes, and building facades. Art enthusiasts argue over the definition of art and what constitutes “real” art. The majority of art defies easy explanation. Art important, that much is obvious. Here are five justifications for why it is valuable.

Art is beneficial to mental health

Numerous research have shown that making art reduces symptoms of anxiety and despair. A person’s level of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, drops when they are creating art. This explains why art therapy is frequently so effective when used in conjunction with conventional talk therapy or medicines. A person may convey their sentiments and emotions via art in a manner that words cannot.

Art boosts productivity

Whether you work from home or in an office, art can help you be more productive. According to a research conducted by a professor at UMass Amherst, workers who had photographs at their workspaces were 17% more productive. According to other studies, employees accomplish jobs 15% faster than persons who merely have the minimal necessities.

Art by Kenneth Chibuikem John - What We See

Art is a kind of universal language for communication.

This world is incredibly divided. Communication is difficult due to language limitations. One of the few kinds of communication that is universal is art. People don’t need to speak the same language to feel emotionally linked, whether they are taking in a piece of music or art. Sharing this experience with others makes the world a friendlier, more compassionate place.

Empathy is the capacity to feel what another person or object feels. Can art increase empathy in people? There is evidence to support this. The first Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts was founded at the Minneapolis Institute of Art a few years ago. Their objective is to learn how to use the visual arts to promote empathy. While we don’t yet fully understand if or how art triggers empathy, there is a strong enough correlation to warrant more research.

Art is valuable, In a professional situation or workplace

Art has an influence outside of museums and galleries. According to research, artwork raises staff morale in an office environment. 94% of those polled in one research felt that art improved their workstation. According to 84% of respondents, the presence of art demonstrates a company’s concern for the welfare of its employees. Art is crucial in spaces where customers congregate because it promotes the brand and creates an emotional atmosphere.

Artwork in the office Place
All You Need To Know About Contemporary Art

All You Need To Know About Contemporary Art

Most Modern Artist or Upcoming Artist doesn’t know or really understand what contemporary Art Means. Many individuals may envision the great works created in eras far past when they think about art. But the arts are still alive and well, evolving constantly to mirror the wider world. Contemporary art is the term used to describe modern and recent art. Get to know this art form in detail:

What Exactly is Contemporary art?

The term “contemporary art,” which more widely refers to “the art of today,” covers creations made in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It broadly refers to artwork created from the current day onwards from the Modern Art movement. Modern art, however, does not merely refer to works created in a certain period of time. This particular artistic genre does have a unique approach or style that sets it apart from others.

However, because it encompasses such a wide range of styles, it is challenging to categorize. Some contend that the fundamental strategy and objective of modern art is to contest the very essence of creative expression. The audience can also start to wonder what exactly qualifies art. As a result, it may be harder to exactly define this genre of art than any other because it is not very homogeneous. Contemporary art is significant to society for a number of additional reasons, such as the ability to express oneself and offer social and cultural commentary.

Mostly Contemporary Art Appears to be Abstract

The History of Contemporary Art?

Modernism helped contemporary art develop at first, but today it is seen as different from that movement. The Contemporary Art Society was established in 1910 by Roger Fry and his associates. This was merely a private society at the time where paintings might be bought for public museums. More institutions were established using the same terminology throughout the 1930s. Modern art was recognized as a distinct style that did fit into a certain historical era by academics in the area. In contrast, the contemporary style keeps evolving over time, increasing the range of methods and results.

Who Are Contemporary Artist?

You might be wondering what careers you could pursue with a degree in modern art. Of course, becoming an artist is one of those professional options. As different as their work is today, so are the artists. In fact, the enormous diversity of the artists that create this kind of art enables for a wide range of perspectives and styles to be incorporated into their works. Individual artists can do their work. Many people attend college or an art academy to study the arts. They can broaden their horizons and improve their skills by doing this.

In reality, several art critics and historians today contend that artists must have had formal education and must practice in the field of modern art. They enables these artists to complement the historical backdrop of this sector as a whole, regardless of how diverse it may already be. Then, artists may have their pieces displayed in art galleries or museums. Similar to other art forms, this one is purchased and sold through individual collectors and art auctions.

It’s up for discussion whether self-taught artists active today qualify as modern artists and whether their creations qualify as Contemporary Art. The prevailing consensus is that these self-taught artists’ work shouldn’t be classified as art because they may be producing things that aren’t within the purview of trained artists. Instead, some people now refer to this type of artwork as outsider art to indicate that its creators are not often associated with the art world.

The truth is that art does take place in a historical setting, one that is shaped by the field itself as well as several external factors. A self-taught artist could be able to create engaging work that engages the senses and inspires in-depth thought. However, acquiring an education in art through a university or an art college where they can fully immerse themselves in the field is better for individuals who are interested in becoming more well-known artists.

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Timi and Fela Durotayo Artwork

Just In: The Nigerian Artist Who Got Credited On His Artwork

BELOVED ROBINSON has been an intuitive Visual Artist. His Artwork are mind blowing. His narratives are artwork that heals the mind.

Just in, Two of His recent hyper-realistic portrait drawings of one the most indigenous people in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, Gave a credit to him on their Instagram page. The first portrait references FELA DUROTOYE.

Adetokunbo Olufela Durotoye is a business consultant, leadership expert, and motivational speaker. Fela is the president of the GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization focused on training youths towards transformational leadership and social change. His Impact to the society has change alot of youth in becoming a better version of them self.

Timi and Fela Durotayo Artwork

Artist Statement

When it comes to living, no one is a professional. We’re all amateurs. Some focus on the nitty-gritty of daily life while others look at the big picture by taking a distant view. Both are essential viewpoints and it’s easy to get lost in either one. However, the big picture holds the more delicate details just as a masterpiece drawing viewed in full is a combination of thousands of carefully applied shadings.

Viewed from space, the earth is exceedingly beautiful, but we often fail to see the same beauty up close on the ground.
If we can keep our thoughts and awareness on the big picture of life, chances are life will no longer be looked at as a source of mystery but an opportunity to uncover hidden beauty.
Same way the Painter enjoys the painting process the most while the rest is enjoyed by the viewer after the painting has been completed, endeavor to enjoy every bit of life as if you’re painting a masterpiece, and once our time’s up on earth, the world we leave behind will enjoy all the contributions we’ve left behind.

This piece of Artwork motivated Fela Duratoye and he immediately reposted the Artwork on his Instagram page by honoring and giving credit to the young Artist.

Timi and Fela Durotayo Artwork

The Second Portrait was TIMI DAKOLO

We all know who TIMI is, Timi is one the best Vocal Artist in Nigeria, His music are something you keep replaying. Timi Dakolo is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer. He emerged winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. Accompanying his victory was a recording contract with Sony BMG, in addition to other prizes.

I guess BELOVED ROBINSON was surprised and did not expect that his artwork of TIMI DAKOLO will be bought by him. Timi was happy receiving a new portrait of himself.


Visual Artwork

Informative Visual Art Piece By Adewole Tobi – Unity for Rejuvenation

Oluwatobi Isaac Adewole, Popularly know as “Isaacart_ao” on Instagram created a very informative article reflecting his Artwork. This is therefore one of the most informative piece from a Nigeria Visual Artist.

From a creative state, The Artist merge Art and Science which was indeed very educative and inspiring in the sense of making our planet a better place to live.

Artwork Interpretation

The first feature of this piece is the earth’s spherical form, which demonstrates that variables contributing to the environment exist both outside and within the primary parts of the earth crust (biosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere). These natural phenomena are both biotic and abiotic organs that contribute to the overall operation of the ecosystem. It also impacts the environment naturally by referring to the earth’s rotation, which causes a turn on the surface to face the sun, making it warm, and allowing the sun to effect the earth. It is critical for all life on Earth, including plants, to be able to photosynthesize.

The artwork also depicts an eye, which represents the existence of life and therefore is positioned at the center of the cosmos depiction as a sign of psychic vision, consciousness, and enlightenment, which is best known to humans as a sensory perception. Because it influences the human ability to picture among other things the good, negative, physical knowledge, and what is to be safeguarded beforehand surrounding the functional body of the vast circle, the Eye has a smooth entrance into the soul (universe). 

The butterfly represents an organism’s capacity to move and live its existence to the fullest, and it is also a sign of rebirth. Below, we have hands representing the act of human togetherness and help in providing full support to enhance nature, which is good to the economy. We have resources depicting what should be done with waste materials after usage in order to decrease the crises of water, land, and air pollution below the hands. Along with regulating human operations such as mining, extraction, and raw material processing, which significantly affects the environment. The symbol of recycling in the work emphasis the ability to save energy to be shared among elements of the ecosystem at  large.

These environmental issues are extremely concerning since planet Earth is the only place where humanity and other wonderful things can live. There is more we can do to prevent the emergence of some environmental risks caused by human activities, such as the steady loss of the ozone layer. This must be managed in order to limit its destructive impact on the earth’s basic components, particularly the atmosphere.

Visual Pencil Artwork

The Hyper-Realistic Artist Shares His Biography

Ejiofor Dubem is a Nigeria creative realistic Visual Artist. His genre of Art is to express himself through artistic stories to educate, motivate and inspire people around his sphere of interest.

Artist Statement

I’ve been focusing on this for the past five years. At each given moment, I sketch a certain portion of the human anatomy in order to communicate my stories and depict it in a specific manner. Every time I’ve created art, it’s been for a specific cause.

I fell in love with art before I started really in the third month of 2016, it’s a trip I’ve been enjoying the ride through and I don’t want to get off anytime soon.

You can feel my emotions in my stories at any given time, which gives them a sense of realism to me. I also consider myself as a social change agent who has been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility to deliver successfully and efficiently.

Artist Education

Despite being a computer science graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Ejiofor Dubem is deeply in love with art. The affection he has for his six society members is not based on gaining material wealth, but rather on projecting the voices he hears and the deeds he sees from afar. Artisan’s responsibility: To convey the beauty and craftiness of this voice in a calm, persistent, and subdued way.

Here are some of his amazing piece of Artworks

You can as well check out his recent hyper realistic drawings on Instagram

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How You Can Get Noticed in the Art World?

You’ve been described as creative or distinctive since you were a youngster. Your favorite hobby has always been making art, and your talent has not gone unnoticed by people who know you. However, now is the moment to make the rest of the world take notice of you. You have the skill and the desire, but the issue remains: how will you reach your target audience? It may appear to be a difficult procedure at first. Some would tell you that it all comes down to patience and effort, while others will swear by chance and connections. While this may appear to be cause for concern, there is no reason to worry. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused where to begin, we encourage that you always pursue your ambitions, passions, and the suggestions in this article!

Where To Start

It is difficult for most artists to start their careers, because many don’t know where to begin. Many famous artists started their careers by trying out various things, experimenting continually until they learned what works best for them. With this in mind, we can assuredly state that nothing is the worst error an artist can do. If you don’t take action, you’ll end yourself back where you started, which will never alter your present condition.

Remember, you are the one responsible for your career. Set your own objectives and work toward achieving them one at a time. It would be ideal if you also considered your career’s future and where you want it to go. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your ideal audience? Do you want to have your work shown at an art gallery or at an auction, either online or in person? Would you sell or exhibit your artwork at an art fair or gallery? >>> Sell Art

Accept Your Values

Artists may rapidly reach an incredible number of people with today’s technology and tools. But then there is a question: how can you stand out from the crowd? One approach to be consistent, loyal to yourself and to communicate your beliefs and messages effectively is to constantly be distinguishable from the others.

Your message should inspire the minds of the audience and challenge them. You may even opt to sell your work for your personal or for various advantages like charity and other crowd-supported organisations.

Somebody remember the finest part about it is a nice narrative. You should thus attempt to deliver your point to your audience using narrative. Storytelling helps keep the attention of your audience longer and people want to share a good story. In addition, it’s going to make you stand out.

Accept your values

You Have Tools At Your Disposal

You will have to select a few tools to aid you after you have a set of goals and strategy in place. It should help you get to the appropriate individuals. These instruments can be online as well as offline:

Online tools will include blogs, websites, online markets, newsletters, social media, and much more.

Off-line tools include art organizations, teaching and other online tools including, inter alia, online tools, collaborations, public opportunity and art community. The tools also include exhibits of art, art and theatres, publishers, galleries and art fairs.

Initiate With Your Fellow Artists

There are many artists that are in a position similar to yours. They all seek different strategies to promote their work. Therefore, contacting other artists is the greatest method for free marketing. Connecting or sharing the story of the artist, art, or highlighting works of the artist may be so simple. In this way, you both will be more appealing, maybe reaching an international audience with them doing the same for you.

The taste is distinct for anyone in art. This is therefore a good approach for you to cross-promote and not drive potential customers to a rival.

Collaborations of Artists

You might also explore working with another artist, in addition to promoting each other’s work by sharing, tales and highlights. Finding other artists is an excellent promotional technique since more people will notice your work. There are several opportunities, dozens of ways you may work with other artists. A band that wants artwork for their forthcoming record may discover one example. In addition, it’s a fantastic way to start identifying artists working in the very medium you are.

In addition, you can also do partnerships like ‘art swaps’ in which you may draw or desire what the other artist wants and do the same for you – or maybe make a collage-type work of art, where the two distinct pieces of art are combined.

Markets and Online Galleries

A large number of artists find internet markets, galleries and websites for on-demand print sales. However, you need to guarantee that your work is also visible among so many artists that use these platforms.

The printing, manufacturing and distribution of your art products is done on these printing-on-demand services. Although no assurance exists that sales will occur. In addition, a large proportion of print-on-demand websites take advantage, and only the artworks themselves make a profit.

However, there are places such as ARTIGRAPHERS. Artigraphers is a digital art consignment website. Promoting artworks and bringing together art enthusiasts from all around the world.
Artigraphers allow Artist to submit and sell their Artwork to art collectors and buyers.

Unlike regular art galleries, Artigraphers does not store up Artworks, we operate online and find buyers who loves your work and interested to buy them on auction price. >>>> Start Selling

Artwork Serenity

The Piece Of Artwork – Serenity, Gave A Total Ability To Express

BELOVED ROBINSON has always been a dedicated Pencil Artist, focusing on the challenges we face and the wins we achieve from inside (The Mind).

In Recent Artwork Which took him 300 hours to accomplish , Titled -SERENITY. He wrote his plight of early Age:

My greatest issue as a child was being unable to express my own ideas and feelings.

I conceal my worries under the phrase “I’m an introvert”… As a result, my jaw was always clenched when it should have been clenched.
I had this internal anxiety that everything I had to say was never correct and that greater thoughts were brewing in the minds of my upcoming audience

I felt I wasn’t gorgeous, bright, or eloquent enough to be heard, and when presented with an opportunity to let my inner man shine, the inner behemoth of inferiority complex suppressed me.

My emotional state was reinforced by my pals. They made me feel as if I couldn’t provide anything significant or important… and because I was weak, I considered methods to escape out.

The first step was to alter my social circle. Being among aged and mature brains gave me the confidence to stand out and express myself. Why is this so?
My buddies were more interested in the physical/bodily appeal than any type of worth or significance you attempted to impart… And because I wasn’t enticing as they said, I wasn’t hear.

Robbinson Stated:

Your group of friends should never restrict your ability to communicate value. To remain mute, with jaws locked, is to remain an unnoticed brand, albeit possessing countless merits.

A stiff jaw might signify a limitation in your ability to express yourself.
You must have the freedom to publicly communicate your purpose to the world because we were meant to live and share our stories, to express emotion, and to make meaning in our lives.

These Are some of BELOVED ROBINSON Artwork Over Time.

Here comes his Instagram Handle. We urge you follow up his good works.

Visual Art Artigraphers

This Artworks will leave you speechless – Amazing piece against sexual harassment

Ameer Alkaby is an Instagram Visual Realistic Artist whose drawing reflect the way of life and the society we live in. The young Artist has been using his piece of Artwork to pass words of truth and how we as humanity can live in harmony and peace within ourselves and the outside world.

His recent Artwork Titled: “MARGINALIZED” He quote,

Let a marginalized person speak, for she is the only victim now, so let’s look at her issue and what she wants…

He wrote; Welcome, I am marginalized . See why I’m so bowed and so protect my marginalized body I am the one who raped and with which people were molested, because I am outside I have not escaped from their looks and touches of my body, for they were sexual monsters that devoured my body, so they went away until they spilled my honor and the most pain. I am from my family and my family is also abused and harassed by me. and my brother . Yes, do not be surprised !! So they looked at me as a game and a body; We are the women who are physically abused by all kinds of violence. We have been killed, but we are alive and we live in a body only. We are harassed by strangers and parents, so look at us what our painter drew for you now. We disappear from the intensity of their greed for us.

Interpretation of Artwork

The hand represented to you the sexual harassers and the physically abused of those creatures who were forcibly raped and murdered and then ended.

Ameer Alkaby is an intuitive visual artist who has done a lot of wonderful piece of artworks with a lot of meaning to express his words to the world. Here are some of his Artworks

Visual Art Artigraphers
Titled “Noise”. Within the course “Inside Combat”
Visual Art
Titled “Lonely”
Visual Art

The symbols of power differed in this wondrous world until I fell into my gaze and settled on a very strong element titled: Titanium

-Ameer Alkaby