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Just In: The Nigerian Artist Who Got Credited On His Artwork

Timi and Fela Durotayo Artwork

BELOVED ROBINSON has been an intuitive Visual Artist. His Artwork are mind blowing. His narratives are artwork that heals the mind.

Just in, Two of His recent hyper-realistic portrait drawings of one the most indigenous people in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, Gave a credit to him on their Instagram page. The first portrait references FELA DUROTOYE.

Adetokunbo Olufela Durotoye is a business consultant, leadership expert, and motivational speaker. Fela is the president of the GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization focused on training youths towards transformational leadership and social change. His Impact to the society has change alot of youth in becoming a better version of them self.

Timi and Fela Durotayo Artwork

Artist Statement

When it comes to living, no one is a professional. We’re all amateurs. Some focus on the nitty-gritty of daily life while others look at the big picture by taking a distant view. Both are essential viewpoints and it’s easy to get lost in either one. However, the big picture holds the more delicate details just as a masterpiece drawing viewed in full is a combination of thousands of carefully applied shadings.

Viewed from space, the earth is exceedingly beautiful, but we often fail to see the same beauty up close on the ground.
If we can keep our thoughts and awareness on the big picture of life, chances are life will no longer be looked at as a source of mystery but an opportunity to uncover hidden beauty.
Same way the Painter enjoys the painting process the most while the rest is enjoyed by the viewer after the painting has been completed, endeavor to enjoy every bit of life as if you’re painting a masterpiece, and once our time’s up on earth, the world we leave behind will enjoy all the contributions we’ve left behind.

This piece of Artwork motivated Fela Duratoye and he immediately reposted the Artwork on his Instagram page by honoring and giving credit to the young Artist.

Timi and Fela Durotayo Artwork

The Second Portrait was TIMI DAKOLO

We all know who TIMI is, Timi is one the best Vocal Artist in Nigeria, His music are something you keep replaying. Timi Dakolo is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer. He emerged winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. Accompanying his victory was a recording contract with Sony BMG, in addition to other prizes.

I guess BELOVED ROBINSON was surprised and did not expect that his artwork of TIMI DAKOLO will be bought by him. Timi was happy receiving a new portrait of himself.


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