Visual Pencil Artwork

The Hyper-Realistic Artist Shares His Biography

Ejiofor Dubem is a Nigeria creative realistic Visual Artist. His genre of Art is to express himself through artistic stories to educate, motivate and inspire people around his sphere of interest.

Artist Statement

I’ve been focusing on this for the past five years. At each given moment, I sketch a certain portion of the human anatomy in order to communicate my stories and depict it in a specific manner. Every time I’ve created art, it’s been for a specific cause.

I fell in love with art before I started really in the third month of 2016, it’s a trip I’ve been enjoying the ride through and I don’t want to get off anytime soon.

You can feel my emotions in my stories at any given time, which gives them a sense of realism to me. I also consider myself as a social change agent who has been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility to deliver successfully and efficiently.

Artist Education

Despite being a computer science graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Ejiofor Dubem is deeply in love with art. The affection he has for his six society members is not based on gaining material wealth, but rather on projecting the voices he hears and the deeds he sees from afar. Artisan’s responsibility: To convey the beauty and craftiness of this voice in a calm, persistent, and subdued way.

Here are some of his amazing piece of Artworks

You can as well check out his recent hyper realistic drawings on Instagram