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This Artworks will leave you speechless – Amazing piece against sexual harassment

Visual Art Artigraphers

Ameer Alkaby is an Instagram Visual Realistic Artist whose drawing reflect the way of life and the society we live in. The young Artist has been using his piece of Artwork to pass words of truth and how we as humanity can live in harmony and peace within ourselves and the outside world.

His recent Artwork Titled: “MARGINALIZED” He quote,

Let a marginalized person speak, for she is the only victim now, so let’s look at her issue and what she wants…

He wrote; Welcome, I am marginalized . See why I’m so bowed and so protect my marginalized body I am the one who raped and with which people were molested, because I am outside I have not escaped from their looks and touches of my body, for they were sexual monsters that devoured my body, so they went away until they spilled my honor and the most pain. I am from my family and my family is also abused and harassed by me. and my brother . Yes, do not be surprised !! So they looked at me as a game and a body; We are the women who are physically abused by all kinds of violence. We have been killed, but we are alive and we live in a body only. We are harassed by strangers and parents, so look at us what our painter drew for you now. We disappear from the intensity of their greed for us.

Interpretation of Artwork

The hand represented to you the sexual harassers and the physically abused of those creatures who were forcibly raped and murdered and then ended.

Ameer Alkaby is an intuitive visual artist who has done a lot of wonderful piece of artworks with a lot of meaning to express his words to the world. Here are some of his Artworks

Visual Art Artigraphers
Titled “Noise”. Within the course “Inside Combat”
Visual Art
Titled “Lonely”
Visual Art

The symbols of power differed in this wondrous world until I fell into my gaze and settled on a very strong element titled: Titanium

-Ameer Alkaby
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